Plans are changing in 2023

Our plans are changing in 2023 in order to fit in new features without increasing prices for everyone. Here’s a summary shared by Aphex COO, Jason Lancini;

  • The Pro (formerly Professional) and Enterprise plans maintain their pricing and features regardless of the inflation that we are all hearing about.
  • The Pro+ plan, a new plan, will be available for teams that want to take advantage of tools to integrate Aphex with the other systems they use.
  • The Starter plan is experiencing the largest change. Whilst it remains free forever the available features are getting a haircut. Learn more below.

Why are we changing our plans?

The set of features that exist in Aphex today are very different to those that existed three, two or even one year ago and in 2023 the features will keep coming. As new features unlock new value for customers we are faced with a choice; to fairly charge where we add value or give away more of the product for free.

As a team and company funded by our customers’ subscriptions, our view is that charging fairly for our product provides the resources to keep investing more into the next set of features that users are asking for.


In order to charge fairly for the value that Aphex provides without applying a blanket price increase, we are creating a new plan called Pro+. This plan will essentially provide the full set of features of Pro, PLUS tools to better integrate Aphex with the other systems you use. This will include the ArcGIS integration currently in limited beta as well as a range of other integrations our team are working on.

Adding these new features into a new Pro+ plan allows us to keep the price and feature set of Pro the same and better match the plan price with value.

Both plans will continue to receive regular new features over time, but in general, those features focused on external integration will move to Pro+.


The Starter plan is subject to the most significant changes in 2023. While it remains free forever, a range of features currently available are being moved to paid plans. Why?

Over the few years since we launched Aphex, our team have built and shipped countless features, rebuilt and refactored the infrastructure of our technology, and tested and studied the impact of these changes - all with the goal of discovering and delivering the best way for construction teams to plan together. The fact is, shipping new features is hard… but shipping new features for only paid plans is harder. So we chose to optimise for speed and push almost all of our new features to all plans.

So now we are stepping back, consolidating and refining the product, before diving back into building a very full 2023 roadmap. The goal of the Starter plan remains to allow small teams to replace legacy planning processes for free. For larger teams and projects wanting to validate Aphex before purchasing, we will continue to provide a free trial of Pro features alongside support, setup and training for projects on any paid plan.

The goal of the Starter plan remains to allow small teams to replace legacy planning processes for free.

So that’s it. A new plan at a marginally higher price allows teams to opt into powerful integration features and a little less is given away for free, so we can continue to invest in building more for everyone.

Thanks to the Aphex community for your support and happy planning!

Jason and Carlos

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