Status Report: June 2021

We love it when we get to share new features that people are excited about.

Normally, each week we add new features under the radar 📡 because we know that most of the time, construction teams have better things to do than read more emails! But, in this case, we have a whole bunch of features at once that many of you have been requesting and looking forward to.

New Statusing

This is big, so bear with us. We now capture much more information about delays with even less effort from you.

  • First up, when a committed task is edited, Smart Status will not only automatically capture delays but now also improvements 👏  We have expanded status types to introduce Completed Early, Task Shortened and On Schedule in addition to the existing Delayed and Late Start types. Not only that, but all status events now automatically capture who created it and the impact of that event. This is a critical enhancement as we work towards a more collaborative statusing workflow.
  • Secondly, Smart Status is now even smarter and can log many status events without interrupting your planning at all! Whilst delays still request confirmation of things such as the reason, other status will be automatically generated from your planning actions.

New Task Summary Header

We felt that the few seconds that it took to understand the state of a task when you inspected it were wasted seconds. So we introduced a new Summary Header at the top of the Inspect Panel to capture the key aspects that users need to know about a task. This header now includes;

  • Summary Tags: A clear, simple tag indicating if a task is Planned, Promised, In Progress or Completed. The header will even change colour when a task is completed.
  • Task action Tags: A indication of task issues or comments so you don't need to go looking!
  • Task Breadcrumb and Action Menu: A editable breadcrumb that allows a tasks package and parent to be both easily read and edited as well as easy access to cotrols such as breakdown or duplicate.

Fancy Update to the Task Inspect Panel

Our team have refreshed the entire Task Inspect panel to both make it simpler but also to add new controls.

Map Page Interactions

We have introduced a reciprocal hover state to the map page 🤯 In english? Sure. To make it easier to find your work on the map page, whenever you hover over the task name, or the work area, both the task name and work area are highlighted.

WBS Selection

The WBS filter now allow search and tree select. Want to select everything under 1.2.2? Easy, just select 1.2.2 and be default all the sub-branches are selected.

Here at Aphex, we spend most of our time talking about how you plan and communicate your work. About how we can make your day slightly better or easier. And, about out-of-the-box things that could make a difference. But really it is amazing how many of the ideas come from our users. So, if you have an idea about the future of your work or you just wish that a button was in a different spot, we really want to hear about.

Thanks again for being part of the Aphex journey and as always... happy planning 🥳


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