Cycling for CALM

Back in May, Chloe shared a podcast with the Aphex team as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Killing It: Keeping CALM, is part of a series hosted by Jordan Stephens, a singer from Rizzle Kicks,  & Petra Valzeboer, a psychotherapist. This particular episode focuses on mental health and features Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM.

If you haven't come across CALM, it stands for Campaign Against Living Miserably and is leading a movement against suicide.

Jordan, Petra & Simon share some of their own experiences relating to mental heath and discuss practical conversations we can all have to help others. Simon refers to some pretty startling HSN's... 'Holy Shit Numbers';

  1. 128 people take their own life each week.
  2. 75% are male.
  3. Suicide is the most common cause of death for under 45s.

So... why? Humans, and more specifically males, are terrible at talking. We bottle things up. We feel embarrassed to show weakness. We suffer in silence. Some want to talk, but have no one to talk to.

CALM provide professional support staff to speak to anyone who needs help.

For us, this seems like a charity that deserves some help. We've not done anything of charitable significance in the past... we have zero experience of arranging charitable events... but you have to start somewhere, right?

So we're going to organise an event. A sporting event. An event which has a positive effect on mental health for those involved & is a forum for open discussion.

We're going to cycle from London to Brighton! Original... I know.

Everyone and anyone is welcome. Customers, colleagues, friends, fellow cyclists. We will, however, ask each rider to target raising £500 (Just a target... not a requirement!) through either personal fundraising or through corporate sponsorship. This will be tied together on a team fundraising page and all proceeds will be donated to CALM.

So dust off the bike, pump up the tyres & let's raise a little cash for a great cause!

Key Details;

  • When: 8am Saturday 25th September
  • Where: Clapham Common Bandstand in London to Brighton Beach (Precise location to be confirmed)
  • Distance: Approx 54 Miles
  • Experience level: Mixed! (I've not been riding for long)
  • Team Jerseys: CALM Jerseys can be purchased here with a small donation!

What we've got covered;

  • A support van manned by the Aphex team
  • Mid-way check-in conveniently based at a pub
  • A finish line reception with the Aphex team welcoming you with a few cold beers hopefully some sun

Want to get involved?

You can sign-up here and I'll be in touch to discuss fund-raising, answer questions and dig into a little more detail.

Helplines and Support:

Campaign Against Living Miserably

Helpline: 0800 58 58 58



MindInfoline:  0300 123 3393

mind.org.uk | Depression & Anxiety

NHS Choices – Mental Health

Find Mental Health Support | Stress, Anxiety & Depression | Mental Health Helplines

Young Minds

Helpline: 0808 802 5544

youngminds.org.uk | What to do if you're anxious about Coronavirus| Talking to your child about coronavirus

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