Aphex Takes on The Four Peaks

Yes, you read that right. Forget the three peaks, we’re going to tackle four in 48 hours as part of supporting our official charity of the year, The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity.

To donate, head to our Just Giving page: Aphexpedition for the Lighthouse Club charity. To understand more, read on!

Who are Lighthouse?

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is an industry-specific charity in the UK, providing emotional, physical and financial well-being support to construction workers and their families. They don’t receive public funding, relying solely on the generosity of those within the industry.

Offering emergency financial aid to construction families in crisis, advice on occupational health, and support on legal, tax and debt management we couldn’t think of a charity we would be more proud to back for 2022. They also provide an array of free, and accessible resources.

You can read more on Lighthouse and why we chose them this year in this blog.

What is the Four Peaks Challenge?

The four peaks challenge will see teams summit Ben Nevis (1,345m), Helvellyn (950m), Snowdon (1,085m) and Carrauntoohil (1,038m) within 48-hours.

That’s two days to tackle four of the highest mountains in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. More specifically, we’re starting at 12:00 on the 12th of May and completing by 12:00 on the 14th of May 2022.

There are 55 adventurers signed up for the challenge, all from the construction industry, all raising money, and all definitely meeting their step count in May!

For more about each mountain, please enjoy the following Youtube videos:

  1. https://youtu.be/zyaQwYkejnA for Ben Nevis
  2. https://youtu.be/OkBqsL-odOc for Helvellyn
  3. https://youtu.be/GNWqRu2d80Q for Snowdon
  4. https://youtu.be/NhkERJnBs_o for Carrauntoohil

Why on earth are we doing it?

Five of the UK Aphex team have just about regained the feeling in their legs after last year’s cycle from London to Brighton raising money for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), which you can read about here.

Carlos, Chloe, Michael, Olu & Rob aren’t just rambling in meetings this year, but up and down four literal mountains. They’re committed to giving their all to raise money for a cause that as a group, and as a company we fully support. One that has such a drastic impact on our own lives, as well as so many of our users and families across the industry.

Also, it’s pretty cool. But ‘cool’ might not be what keeps the team going at 1 am at the top of Ben Nevis!

Here’s what the team have to say:

“I remember the Lighthouse Charity delivering a talk to graduates and apprentices on Crossrail. The industry statistics around mental health and suicide were absolutely shocking. It really stuck with me." - Carlos Carvalho
“I’ve been lucky enough to train as a mental health first aider, and unlucky enough to see some of the people closest to me really impacted by both mental health and the stigma that can surround talking about it. If taking serious steps to help make a difference also means taking some literal steps up a mountain, so be it!” - Chloe Haynes

How will it go? Follow us on Instagram & LinkedIn for regular updates on the team’s training and coverage over the weekend. We’re certain there will be lots of ups & downs.

Please do donate, it’s an incredible charity delivering real impact. Click the image below to see the Just Giving page:

Aphex and Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity branded information card about the four peaks challenge

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