What's New in Aphex: April 2024

This month, we went back to basics— inspired by your feedback — to improve the very core of Aphex.. building plans.

Today, we're stoked to introduce the arrival of Milestones to all Aphex Projects ⭐

But that's not all! April also brought massive improvements to linking tasks.

The new Link Search finds what you're looking for in a flash, and the mighty new Link Button on the Gantt will allow you to create any link, from anywhere.


Milestones and Target Dates

Aphex Milestones (Blog Quality)

1. Create Milestones
It's finally here! You can now create Milestones directly inside Aphex, or import them from P6, Asta, or MS Project.

2 - Set Target Dates

Plus, connect your team to the bigger picture with Milestone Target Dates - as everyone reviews their plan, they'll see in real-time if their individual updates are pushing you towards the target, or away from it.

3 - Milestones Panel

The new Milestones Panel will automatically build the history of where each Milestone has slipped or improved over time, giving you a week-by-week comparison of how you’re tracking.

4 - Export

And it’s not just bottled up in Aphex - you can drop all the data out to a CSV 😎

5 - Improved Critical Path

Instead of highlighting all Critical Paths to all Milestones, you can now pick & choose the specific paths you need visible at any time.

Head here to explore to track & monitor Milestones in your plan.

Advanced Logic Link Search

Aphex Link Search

On top of the Milestone changes, we wanted to make it simpler to create links between tasks, even if they're weeks or months apart.

Introducing the new Successor & Predecessor search. Loaded with plenty of filters and a clever search bar, locating and connecting tasks (and Milestones!) from opposite ends of the plan has never been easier.

Create Links from Anywhere

Aphex Link Button Gantt

And to help celebrate the arrival of the new link search, we've put loads of extra power into linking directly on the Gantt as well.

Until today, trying to draw a link between two tasks sometimes meant dragging lines all the way across the page(!)

But now, there are no interruptions, no wild lines, just drag and drop onto the 'Link Button' and you're away. 

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