What's New in Aphex: June 2023

We've been heads down in June, busy building some of our most exciting features, ever.

While we have to keep a few of these under our hat for now, we're pumped to share three neat new features that have landed in Aphex this month. 

First up, keep your account safer than ever with the new MFA options. And say hello to two new quality of life updates - saved date ranges, and lighting-fast printing!


Smart Date Control

Stay focused on dates that matter most with the improved Date Range Controls.

Aphex Date Picker Update 2023

1.  Timeline shortcuts

It's now quicker than ever to set a date range to plan in. The seven new options include:

  • X Week Lookahead (will depend on the project lookahead period)
  • Next 30 Days
  • Next 3 Months
  • Next 6 Months
  • Next 12 Months
  • All Future Tasks
  • Project to Date
  • Custom Dates

And they're not just static ranges - it's rolling, based on Today's date, so you'll always be looking at the most relevant tasks.

2. Saved Date Range

One of the coolest parts of the update is that your date range will now be saved between visits.

Plus, it's not just the Gantt selection, but the Map and Clashes page will remember your last choice too - saving you time and the hassle of adjusting dates over & over (and over!).

This has been one of our most requested features, and we really hope it will make planning just that little bit easier.


Extra Protection with MFA

MFA Options Aphex 2023

1. MFA For Everyone

We know how important it is to keep your accounts and organisations secure, so we're excited to bring you Multi Factor Authentication (also known a 2FA).

Safeguarding your data is paramount, so this isn't a feature we want to lock up - MFA is available for all users, right away.  

Users can choose to add SMS or an Authenticator App to their account for an extra layer of security.

2. Admin Oversight

To make it easy to keep on top of Org Users who have enabled MFA, we've added a new Auth Column to the Org Users table.

And to speed up your user management workflows, we've added a new Auth Filter, and MFA states will be shown in the User Export.

Speed Printing

Aphex Faster Printing
1- Faster PDF Download

Printing just got a major speed boost!

We've been tinkering away to optimise both the Gantt and Map printouts, in the live plan and for published versions. 

2 - Previews
Even if you're doing something wild, like printing 25+ pages, we've got you covered. Previews now load in a fraction of the time, and the PDF download time is light years faster.


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