What's New in Aphex: October 2023

Starting strong, we've been delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response to the new delay tracking! 

In fact, thousands of delays have been automatically passed on to Promised tasks in the weeks since, sparing you thousands of manual entries.

Today, we're excited to share some more small but mighty updates - because small moments add up to big ones 💙

Read on to find about the new ways to search the Gantt, level up your Power BI reporting with the new API updates and all new Security Tab & Authentication processes.


Search by External ID

Just as there are plenty of fish in the sea, there are even more Tasks in the Plan.

So it's time to ditch the manual cross-referencing and let us find you the perfect match... 🙊 between Aphex and P6. 

Search by External ID

1.  Search by External ID 

Stop spending time manually scanning the ID column for a match - now you can pop in any External ID into the search bar and instantly find the Task you're looking for. 

So now you have the choice of searching between External ID, Task Name or Aphex Activity ID

2. New External ID Rules

And to celebrate the arrival of the External ID search, we've also simplified the ID rules - you can now add the same External ID to multiple tasks.


API: Unleash the power of Notes

Leave no detail behind by super-charging your Power BI dashboards (or any of your integrated tools) with all the extra context & goodies your Team are already adding to the plan as Task Notes.

Aphex Notes & Status API

1. Task Notes added to the Power BI API, Work Area API & Tasks API

You told us, we listened! All of our APIs now support the Task Notes property, allowing you to pull every Task Note into your Power BI reports.

2. Task Status added to the Power BI API, Work Area API & Tasks API

Plus, with the addition of the overall Task Status property, your window into total project visibility is pretty much complete!

You can now understand if a Task is Planned, Promised or Done.

Better Authentication & Security Preferences

Keep a tight lid over your account's safety with the new streamlined login, sign up, SSO & verification flows.

Aphex New Security Tab

1- New Security Tab

The new security tab keeps everything important all in one spot:

  • MFA Management
  • Password Management
  • Connected Social Accounts (Google & Microsoft)
  • Active Devices (OS, Browser, IP, Location & Last Login Time)

And, if you've ever struggled with password resets lost in the abyss of email, we've got you covered - you can now reset your password from inside Aphex!

2- Easier Invites

One of our favourite bonus additions with the updated Authentication is the new invitation emails. Now, when you invite a new user to your project, the link they get sent in their emails will take them straight into creating a profile - no more faffing around with verifying emails!

3- New Sign Up & Login Flows

To make the Authentication changes possible, we've also refreshed all our login, sign up & verification flows.

So now, if you're stuck out of your account, there are a range of safety nets waiting and ready to help with getting you back in.

4 - Enterprise SSO

And the icing on the cake? Setting up Enterprise SSO is now easier than ever. Drop us a line if you're thinking of setting this up for your team!

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