What's New in Aphex: February + March 2023

New Admin App, New Project Menu and Simplified Organisation and Project Roles - and New Plans!


New Admin App

We’ve rebuilt the Admin Console to help growing Organisations manage their users and costs.  Take a look below at some of the new and updated features.

Aphex Admin App 2023

1. Users Table

The Users Table has been simplified so Org Admins can quickly see and edit User data.

Open the new Filter to control which Users you see in the table, and use the new information like the Highest Project Role and Seat Type to understand if they're an active, billed member.

All information in the Users Table (Organisation and Project) can also now be exported to CSV.

2. Organisation Permissions

Admins in Enterprise Organisations can now control certain actions members can take inside the Org to keep a tight lid on costs. Here are the new permissions:

  • Ability to limit Project creation
  • Ability to limit inviting new Org Users
  • Ability to enforce External Project ID on creation
3 - Sneak Peak at the new Organisation Controls

You'll also spot two new pages saving space for exciting features to come:

  • Identity and Provisioning 
  • APIs

New Project Menu

Until Today, the back-end pages were hidden away in the left-hand sidebar - meaning you had to leave the Gantt or Map to do basic things like manage Project Users, or check a Calendar.

Now, you can open the Project Menu on the go, while you’re planning. You can fiddle with the WBS tree, or add a new Location without losing your spot on the Gantt or position on the Map.

To support the new menu layout, the asset pages have been optimised for a reduced window size. The upshot? All the tables should be loads easier to use and see, especially for those of you with smaller screen sizes.

Aphex Project Menu 2023

1. Manage Project Assets without leaving the Gantt

The Project Menu is now accessible by clicking the Project Title, and will open over the top of the Gantt or Map.

2. Project Asset Pages Updated
  • You can now select all tasks at once from the Project Data Page
  • The first column in each table on all pages is now resizable
  • Custom Calendars are easier to create. You can now select the base working week using the weekdays.
  • Import Page has been streamlined to just show the most relevant data
3 - WBS Tree Tags

The WBS tags on the Gantt are now solid colours to make it simpler to recognise each individual header.


Simplifying Organisation and Projects Roles

1 - Project

We have renamed the project roles to make it easier for teams to pick the right roles for their users.

Aphex 2023 Project Roles
2 - Organisation

We have also flatted the Organisation role structure to remove unnecessary complexity in managing lots of users across many projects.

The old structure of Organisation Roles limiting users’ available Project roles or changes in Project roles automatically changing Organisation Roles has been replaced by Organisation Membership.

All users of your Organisation are classed as members. A small few may have special Organisation privileges, but these no longer have any impact on projects or the user’s billing status.

Here’s what changed;

  • Limited Member: Removed and migrated to Member
  • Standard Member: Removed and migrated to Member
  • Analyst: Removed
  • Organisation Admin: Renamed to Super Admin

In addition, a range of new Admin permissions can be assigned such as System Admin or Billing Admin.

Aphex 2023 Org Roles

An Even Fairer Billing Policy

The changes to the Organisation and Project roles have enabled us to make changes to our existing Fair Billing Policy to make it even fairer 💸


The full policy can be found at this link, but, here’s a quick summary;

Change Outcome
The driver of a Billed Seat changed from Organisation Role to the Highest Project Role. Less chance that a user removed or downgraded on a project is unnecessarily billed for.
Pending users (added but not signed up) are changed from Billed to a Free seat Reduced bills
Area Organisation Admins/Super Admins no longer occupy a billed seat by default. Any people added to your organisation to help manage the organisation are not billed for by default

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