What's New in Aphex: August 2023

We've been flat-out in August! With serious improvements around the corner, we've taken the chance to polish & speed up the status-quo and boost our integration security.

In the spotlight: OAuth2.0 support for ArcGIS connections is here - you told us this really mattered, we listened. 

Also, the Insight Dashboards are as fresh, fast & sharp as ever. Plenty of small changes have had a big impact on speed and readability. 


OAuth2.0 for ArcGIS Integration

Our ArcGIS integration has been live for just over a year now, and we've seen how it's pretty quickly become a critical connection for many teams to layer dynamic information over the map.

But! There's been one central problem -  teams were stuck using individual user credentials every time an ArcGIS layer needed to be added.

From the ArcGIS admin side, this often looked like one user was consuming ridiculous amounts of map data. When in reality, it was being viewed by the whole project (sometimes multiple projects).

And not only that - this turned into loads of busywork for big companies using lots of layers across different projects. 

So today, we've bridged that gap and are stoked to introduce we now support OAuth2.0 for ArcGIS connections!

Aphex Blog OAuth2.0 for ArcGIS NEW

1.  Connect your ArcGIS account to Aphex using OAuth2.0

Use a single set of credentials for your entire company with the new OAuth2.0 connection.

Inside ArcGIS, simply set up an app and decide what scope it has access to. Then, paste the Client ID and Secret into any Aphex projects that require ArcGIS layers, and you're all sorted.

Alongside being a much faster option, OAuth2.0 is also more secure than using individual credentials, which we know is super important.

Oh, and coming soon - you'll be able to set your credentials at the Org level, so all projects can access relevant GIS layers from the get go!

2. Update Credentials 

We didn't just stop with an additional connection method, but we've also refined the whole ArcGIS integration experience - it's now much easier to update, remove and add credentials.

Good news for those of you out there who have ever tried to update the credentials for an active layer (it wasn't fun). This now works in two clicks, and there's no longer any need to start from scratch 😅

Insight Improvements

Aphex Insight Bug Fixes

1. Load Speed

We've done some tinkering under-the-hood to speed up the loading time for all dashboards. The next time you open up Insight you'll be able to get cracking right away, instead of waiting around for the reports to load.

We know you don't have time for that!

2. Extended Timelines

The timeline for each report can now handle extended dates. Want to see all delays over the last two years? No problem!

3. Plenty of small bugs fixed

It's been a wee while since Insight has received any proper love & care, so we had a mighty list of tiny bugs that we were determined to fix this month. And we have!

Even though many of the changes and fixes are small, we hope they'll still have a big impact and make your reporting duties a little bit easier. 


Admin App: Users Page

Aphex Admin App Users Page Fast 2023
1- Performance increase

Teams with large amounts of users in their Organisations were having a tricky time sorting and managing their people in the Admin App - it just wasn't quite fast or responsive enough.

So our devs have made a few clever tweaks to the Users page, and now sorting, searching and filtering should work instantly regardless of your Organisation size.

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