What's New in Aphex: July 2023

This month saw the release of a highly anticipated feature: Board View - the new way to replace your whiteboard for daily coordination meetings. 

Earlier this year, we flew around the world to meet some pretty remarkable project teams to talk all-things whiteboards, and the crucial part they play in many planning cycles.

We pulled all the best bits & ideas together to create Board View; a simple & customisable way to share your weekly plans, designed specifically for big screens and tablets.

And that's not all! We also managed to slip in a new, resizable WBS editor, and the option to Group by Assignee in Field.


Ditch the Whiteboard - Board is here!

Board beautiful

1.  Replace your whiteboard

Board gives you a dedicated space to communicate what's happening this week, and the tools to adapt the plan quickly when changes happen on site. 

Arrange your tasks like sticky notes on a whiteboard with the new 'Masonry' layout. And if you still prefer the classic 'Waterfall' layout? No sweat - the choice is yours.

You can organise your plan by more options than ever before. Take your pick from any combination:

  • Package
  • Shift (new)
  • Location (new)
  • Owner
  • Subcontractor (new)
  • WBS

Customise your Board View to fit your needs & choose to display only the task information you require. Just need to see Labour and Location? No problem!

For any master organisers out there, you can even take it a step further and hide specific properties that aren't applicable. If Crew 2 isn't relevant for your meeting, but you still need to see the remaining Labour allocation, then Crew 2 can be hidden from the Board at the flick of a switch.

And the icing on the cake? Everything can be repositioned with a simple drag and drop.

Head here for an interactive walkthrough on how to configure your Board set up!

2. Create and Edit Tasks

Board isn’t just for presenting either, you can create whole plans with input from the team, edit work or simply add missing Tasks.

You can add Tasks directly into the group that you’d like the Task to belong to. And to speed things up - new Tasks will be pre-populated with your selected filters

3. Track Performance

Finally, update the plan in real time and log Statuses to track performance across the Project straight from Board.

Cut out the extra step of someone having to think back to what was said from a meeting and update the Aphex plan.


Group by Assignee in Field

Aphex Group by Assignee in Field.png

1. Group by Assignee

Last month’s overhaul of the Field app was a hit; lots of you particularly enjoyed all the new grouping options.

We did too. So much so that we've listened to your feedback and added a seventh grouping option - Group by: Assignee!

Now, you can easily keep track of all tasks each User is contributing to. 


Resizable WBS Editor

Aphex Resize WBS Editor
1- Custom WBS window size

Since teams use Aphex on all sorts of devices, with all sorts of different screen sizes, we've introduced the new Resizeable WBS Window.

The WBS window can now be set to a custom size to support your process - whether you’d like a smaller window to see more of the Gantt or a larger window to see full WBS names, we've got you covered.

2 - Saved Configurations

Your custom window size will be saved between visits, so once you’ve found the perfect configuration, you won’t have to play around with the WBS window over and over!


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make the most reliable platform for you, we’ve been pedal to the metal eliminating some key bugs in the tool.

  • ‘New Tasks in Backlog’ notification cannot be dismissed
  • Shift + Enter  adds a Task at the bottom of the group
  • Misspelled Plant Category
  • ‘Include Status Data’ for Published Versions affects logged in Project members
  • Work areas underneath the collapsed Map tasklist can’t be clicked
  • Clashes are not detected today
  • Printing times out for shared versions
  • Same Start and End Date on Map date range results in no Tasks

Most of these were caught by some of our eagle-eyed users - thanks for helping us keep Aphex as robust as possible!

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