What's New in Aphex: November & December 2023

Introducing (drumroll) Folders, the WBS 2.0 - with all that the WBS could do & more.

Your feedback has been the driving force behind these features, and we're grateful for your insights. We listened (and agreed) when you said there needs to be better ways for everyone to create & structure their plan.

So… say hello to unlimited subfolders, faster editing with multi-select & additional access controls.

To top it off, we’ve given some love to Maps, making the ArcGIS integration better and faster - plus new ways to connect.. Propeller anyone??


Create & Manage Folders

Aphex Folders from Gantt

1.  Create Folders from the Gantt

You now have the power to create Folders exactly where it suits you best. Don’t interrupt your flow with going to the Folders page - build and reveal as many levels as you need, right from the Gantt.

- Add Root Folder: Create a brand new Folder branch
- Reveal Subfolder: Add an existing, empty Folder to your Gantt View
- Add Subfolder: Create a brand new subfolder inside an existing Folder

2. Multi-Select Editing

The new Folders page has stacks of updates to make editing super speedy, but our favourite update has to be the new multi-select.

Make heaps of edits at once, by selecting any Folders and changing any of these properties:

  • Colour
  • Move
  • Protect

Plus, you can even delete empty Folders the same way.

3. Drag and Drop

Now, instead of mucking around moving each row one by one, you can simply pick up any Folder, and drop it to where it needs to go. 

4. New Grouping Controls

Take control of your Gantt view with extra grouping and subgrouping options. Want to sort your tasks by Location & Shift? Now, anything goes! 

Here's the full list of options:

  • Location 
  • Shift
  • Owner
  • Folder
  • Package
  • Subcontractor
5. Flatten Folders

For those of you with smaller screens, try out the new Flat view on the Gantt.
Transform your view from Tree to Flat to see all Folders & Subfolders at the same level, instead of being nested under their parent Folders.

Perfect for teams with giant Folder structures, Flat view allows you to focus on what really matters - (the Gantt) while still having visibility of where your Folder fits into the overall tree. 
6. Export your Folder Tree to CSV

The new export option on the Folders page allows you to download your entire Folder tree to a spreadsheet. 

Map integration improvements

Aphex WMTS

1. WBTS (Web Map Tile Service) 

You can now connect Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) layers to your Maps, making integrations with tools like Propeller dead easy.

2. ArcGIS Feature Layer Styling

Not only that, but we now support Feature Layers styling. Giving you the bells and whistles from your ArcGIS map in your Aphex Project.

3. Hide and Reveal Sublayers 

And that's not all - for each layer, you can now see & interact with all sublayers contained within.  Use the new Hide and Reveal Sublayer toggles to be precise about what you need to see, and what you don't.

4. Layer Performance Increase

We've been tinkering away under-the-hood, and layers perform better than ever. Coupled with the options to hide certain Sublayers, loading and printing the Map is the fastest it's ever been.

Control Everything

We heard your call for more control over user permissions, and Folders delivers.

Aphex Folders Protect

1- New Protected States

Admins can now safeguard & restrict what changes can be made to your project's VIP Folders with the three new Protection States:

  • Default (can be moved and subfolders can be added)
  • Semi-Protected (cannot be moved but new subfolders can be added)
  • Protected (cannot be moved and subfolders cannot be added)
2- New Flexible Project Permissions

Boost your team’s capabilities by deciding who can create and manage Folders.

Admins can head to Project Settings to customise your team's Create and Manage Folder permission:

  • Admins Only
  • Admins & Standard Users

    Plus, teams allowing Standard Users to create and manage Folders can also decide if Standard Users can create new Root Folders, or just stick to adding new Subfolders.

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