What's New in Aphex: March 2024

We're back with a bang, bringing you another round of updates from the month of March! 

We released the official Aphex mobile app, levelled up our Map Integrations and shipped a small-but-mighty feature allowing you to easily unlink multiple tasks at the same time.

And we'll let you in on a secret, there's some seriously cool things in the works for this year, but it's not just about what's coming down the pipeline - we're all about shipping stuff that has a real impact right now. Scroll down for more!


Aphex Mobile is Here

We are very excited to release Aphex Mobile into open Beta.

Aphex Mobile March Update

Aphex Mobile keeps you connected to the plan, whether you are in the office or on site.


  • Automatic sync across your project's Gantt, Board & Field App
  • Daily task lists
  • Push notifications
  • Simplified progress updates
  • Maps & Layers
  • Real-time updates 
  • Comments, images & document uploads on the go

Available now, for everyone on both Apple & Android app stores:

Better WMTS Support

Aphex WMTS Improvement (1)

1. More Integrations

To add to our growing list of integrations, it's now possible to load Web Map Tile Services from MetroMap, Nearmap & Pointscene into your Aphex Maps.

2. Vector Tile Layer Support

While we were tinkering with Maps, we had the perfect opportunity to add support for Vector Tile Layers, offering you the speediest way to load design layers from the ArcGIS server.

Break Links

Break Links Aphex

1.  Bulk Delete Relationship Links

Until now, deleting relationship links meant slogging through them one by one. If you've ever had to untangle hundreds of tasks this way, we feel your pain.

Luckily, the dark days are over as we've now added a Break Links button into the Multi-Select Menu.

In just a few clicks, you can effortlessly break multiple links at once. Simply multi-select your tasks & the break links button is on the pop up menu!

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