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The best construction scheduling software for Engineers

Aphex is the first collaborative scheduling software for construction delivery teams and is the fastest way to plan together.

Whether your project has opted to build short-term plans from scratch or build plans based on the master schedule, Aphex makes it easy for Engineers to own their plans from one week to the next.

Why you’ll love using purpose-built construction scheduling software

For years, delivery teams have been doing the best they can with the tools at their disposal. But the truth of the matter is that things like Microsoft Project and Excel are slow and clunky when it comes to short terms planning.

The problem is that a construction site is highly dynamic. There are a lot of moving parts, and things change daily. Not only do plans constantly need changing, but those changes need to be communicated to the broader team.

If you’ve tried to manage that process with spreadsheet software, then you’ll be all too familiar with the pain of reformatting cells and rebuilding plans every time you need to adjust something.

On top of that, there’s no feasible way of checking your plans for clashes and conflicts until it’s too late. You’ve got to use it alongside 10 other tools, and you never know what changes have been made to old plans.

Whilst Excel and similar tools can be used to build Gantt charts and map out plans, they lack the ability to keep up with the real-world issues that you face on-site.

This is where purpose-built construction scheduling software comes in.

With Aphex, all your plans can be built, managed and accessed by team members in one location. You have full control over the way you view your plans, and it’s easy to make adjustments as and when you need to.

Aphex also has a range of features that take your wider workflow into consideration.

  • You can easily connect to a suite of other tools that you need access to (like P6 or Power BI).
  • Distribution has been made easy with downloadable maps and web sharing (see more below).
  • Clash detection will tell you if you have a conflict with someone else’s plans.
  • You can send messages to other team members and tag them in related tasks.
  • Historical changes are tracked, and your data is automatically collated.

All of these things together put you in a position to effectivity own your short-term plans without the headaches that come with the likes of Excel.


Free trial of Aphex construction scheduling software

How does Aphex help with construction scheduling?

Aphex provides Engineers and Delivery teams with a variety of intuitive tools that make it easy to build and manage short-term plans.

We haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel, and many of the features are things that you’ll already be familiar with. What we have done is pull all the things you need into one easy-to-use space.

This video will quickly run you through the specifics of how Aphex works. You’ll also find a few stand-out features in the section below.


What makes Aphex the best software for construction scheduling?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rising number of tools pop up in the industry that claim to be construction scheduling tools. But for the most part, those tools are either generic project management software making a bid for the industry (Like Monday or Asana) or glorified Gantt charts (of which there are too many to mention).

But what really sets Aphex apart is the fact that we provide a range of solutions specific to the needs of Engineers and the wider delivery team.

Controlled distribution of the plans.

Communication sits at the core of everything Aphex does. So we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to share your plans with your team and anyone that needs to see them whilst maintaining control over how those plans can be accessed and viewed.

  • You can print maps out as PDFs for site teams.
  • Subcontractors and other people in the supply chain can group, sort, and filter their own printouts.
  • You can share plans via URL and provide anyone you like with a read-only view of your plans.

A GIF showing how easy it is to distribute your plans with Aphex construction scheduling software.

Multiplayer planning

Whether you’re working by yourself or in a team of 100 people, everyone can work together in a connected space. And to keep things simple, you can filter your plans to view the parts that matter most to you. Meaning you can see what everyone is up to, but you can remove the extra noise when you’re trying to focus on your section of the plans.

Lilli Craemer shares her thoughts on how Aphex helps with construction scheduling


When using Aphex, you have the option to view your plans on a Gantt chart, by tasks, or on a map. The map view allows you to upload images of your project so that you can plan work in the exact location where it’s going to be carried out on-site.

Those same maps can then be printed out or shared via a URL to be used as sequence decks or to simply keep everyone on your team up to date.

If you want to take things a step further, then Aphex also offers a two-way integration with Arc GIS, from ESRI. Meaning that you can add your GIS data and build plans using an up-to-date real-world view of your project.

A screen shot of Aphex Maps being used to build construction schedules

Multiple project views.

Gantt charts are great for building out your schedule, but if you want to visualise your plans in a way that brings them to life, then maps are a great asset to have on hand. Within maps, you can view all the work happening around you, and tasks can be locked to the space where work will occur.

Better yet, each of those views is created without you having to re-enter any information. Meaning there’s no need to spend hours building out each view - as you might have to do with other tools.

A GIF highlighting the different views available in Aphex Construction Scheduling Software

Clash detection

If you or another team member are trying to plan conflicting activities in the same location during the same time frame, then Aphex will notify you that there’s a clash.

If you need to resolve a clash, you can mention that person you are clashing with a comment on the task, and they’ll receive a notification and an email from within the app.

Kimmo Soini discusses how Aphex helps with construction scheduling

Automatic data collection

With Aphex, there’s no need to spend hours of your time pulling data together or building dashboards. All of your tasks, changes, reasons for delay etc., are automatically tracked.

That information can be viewed from within the app or exported to your favourite data management tool, where you can analyse the metrics you use to plan.

Kostantinos Kranas shares thoughts on how Aphex helps with construction scheduling

Next steps

If Aphex is the right fit for your project, then the next thing to do is have the people on your team that are actually going to be using the app sign up for a free trial using the button below.

Aphex Free Trial


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