What's New in Aphex: January 2024

We are kicking off 2024 with a bang by releasing our most requested feature - Copy Tasks Between Projects

Addressing an overwhelming demand, copying tasks between projects will take centre stage this month, alongside other exciting releases and improvements for January!

Discover new, advanced printing options & the choice to display clashes on the Map. Aphex was also given a tune-up, with improvements to the performance of projects.


Copy Tasks Between Projects

At the forefront of our commitment to delivering what our users request, we are thrilled to kick off 2024 with a feature that has been highly sought after: the ability to copy tasks between Aphex projects.

Ever made work in the wrong project? Or want to run a test plan scenario? Then we’ve got you covered!

Previously, you had to download the tasks into a CSV from a published version and import them into another project. Not only was this clunky (and made you lose a lot of data), but was a lot more work for you!

So, we're stoked to release the possibility of taking your tasks (with or without its assets) with you to other Aphex project.

Aphex Copy Tasks Between Project

1.  Select Tasks to Copy

Moving tasks between Aphex projects has never been easier!


  • Select the destination project, or create a new project right from the copy tasks menu
  • Choose to bring over all of the task assets, or customise which ones to include
  • Review all of the details on a Copy Tasks Summary page

2. Multi-Select Editing

Choose to take as many or little of these assets with you:

  • Dates
  • Duration
  • Shift
  • Calendar
  • Folders
  • Packages
  • Labour
  • Plant
  • Materials
  • Subcontractors
  • Location
  • Status

Plus, your Relationship Links between the copied tasks will always be taken over - no clean up required!

Advanced Printing

Aphex Page Size Print

1. Additional Page Sizes

When printing the Gantt or the Map, you have the luxury of deciding if you’d like the page size to be A3, A2, A1 or A0!

The larger the page size, the more scaled your Gantt or Map will be. If you want to print the next 6 months of your project, you now can!

With larger page sizes comes the ability to see more than the 55 task limit on the map

2. Add a Project Logo
  • Use the Project Settings to add a project-specific logo
  • Choose between your Project or Organisation Logo to show on your Gantt & Map Prints

Show Clashes on the Map

It's now easier than ever to spot & resolve tasks happening at the same time in the same place.

Aphex Show Clashes on Map

  1. Clashes on the Map

    An additional overlay toggle has been added to the Map that allows you to show Clashes with your work areas.

    • Use the toggle to turn clashing Work Areas red
    • The clashes icon will show next to the clashing tasks on the Map

Performance Improvements

Off the back of some awesome teams working with us to pin down why their projects were slowing down, we’ve released some under-the-hood changes to optimise performance. Basically, things are faster & snappier than ever before.

Here’s exactly what we’ve updated:

  • Improvements to multiplayer edits
  • The Gantt was made a lot faster and smoother
  • Faster initial project loading
  • Faster bulk copy & paste
  • A new loading spinner on the Gantt loading page.

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