What's New in Aphex: July 2022

Big news this month - we officially have roots in Australia 🦘

As our Australia Early Access Program has drawn to a close, we now have a data centre based in Sydney. Shout out to all the pioneering ANZ teams who piloted Aphex over the last few months!

To support our new international infrastructure, we’ve also levelled up our login and authentication process.

Seamless Enrolment and Login

We reckon creating and accessing your Aphex account should be as robust, reliable and as unified as possible, so we’ve elevated our user authentication set-up!

Login Upgrade Aphex
1 - New User Authentication

Not only will this mean less login and enrolment trouble, but word on the street is it also potentially opens the door for MFA and SSO… 🤫


International Data Infrastructure

For our teams down under this means faster load times and the ability to keep your data close to home.

Int Infra Aphex
1 - Data Centre Region Control

When you create a new Organisation, you have total control over what region the data in your Org will be stored in.

Now you can select either:

  • Europe (London Data Centre)
  • Australia (Sydney Data Centre)
2 -Project Settings in Local Time

With our new international infrastructure the Publication Frequently setting now shows the local time. Think less conversion math and more time to do anything else, woohoo!

Powerful PDF Upload for Locations

In the past, uploading a larger PDF to Aphex could be pretty tricky. In fact, some of you had no option but to send the file to us to sort from the back-end.

This isn’t the experience you deserve, so we’ve fixed it. Made it loads better.

PDF Upgrade Aphex
1 - Large PDF Capability

We've given our PDF upload for Locations a much needed boost - we're pretty confident that it's now capable of uploading any sized PDF you throw at it. Probably..

10 points to anyone who can find a PDF that won't play ball!


Gantt Improvements for Smaller Screens

We know some of you work with smaller screens, so we’ve made it easier to see and use important Gantt controls.

1 - Gantt Buttons

You’ll spot the following buttons have been updated:

  • Tidy Up (new icon)
  • Grouping and Subgrouping (condensed into a single dropdown)
  • Date Range Selector and Filter‍‍

This should give you back more of that elusive screen space!


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make the most reliable platform for you, we’ve been pedal to the metal eliminating some key bugs in the tool.

  • Unable to Publish Plan
  • WBS and Location search not working when with capital letters
  • Users Page loading after each character searched for
  • Verification loop while trying to create an account
  • Assignees disappearing if parent task edited
  • Workspace selector on Clashes page has no impact
  • Unable to delete logic links via task modal
  • Tasks in newly a deactivated package briefly appear Without Package
  • Editing Lookahead period does not adjust the Outside Of Lookahead Line
  • Page jumping when a WBS code is assigned from the Gantt Table
  • Exporting an invoice returns an incomplete CSV
  • Power BI - actual quantities inconsistent with Published Version

Most of these were caught by some of our eagle-eyed users - thanks for helping us keep Aphex as robust as possible!

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