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What's New in Aphex: October 2022

The new features include better WBS views (nested Packages and better WBS visibility), and an overhaul of creating and allocating resources.  


What's New in Aphex: August 2022

This month is all about sharing. We’ve bundled two transformative updates into one release, including one of your top requests - better printing.


What is changing with Publications?

We’re introducing an exciting new-look for our Publication Viewer, and making some fundamental changes to the way you can share plans.


What's New in Aphex: June 2022

A new look promised tasks, improved app navigation, bug fixes and more in this months product update.


What's New in Aphex: May 2022

In May 2022 we added Power BI API and a way to track your plan accuracy. Just some of the constant improvements being made to Aphex.


What's New in Aphex: Feb 2022

A new admin user page, a billing page, and improved speeds. Just some of the great features launched in February 2022.


Aphex Update: December 2021

An update to Aphex Insight and the launch of a new app. Improving communication and making it even easier to manage your construction project.

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